I have used HandiCo Inc. for many jobs and they always do fantastic work. They offer complete perfection. Each job has been completed with true excellence. Their people are always on time and get the job done perfectly with no time wasted. No matter what I ask them to do, they have no problem doing it-and I have asked them to some difficult jobs. I have also asked them to do some small jobs. It doesn’t matter. They get it right no matter the size and scope of the work. They always take their shoes off when they enter the house. They always clean up after the job is done. I am a very high maintenance person. I want perfection and with HandiCo Inc. I get it.

Handico responded quickly to my online inquiry. After exchanging a few emails to get the details down, we had something scheduled and the job was completed just a few days after I contacted them. Andrew arrived during the promised window of time in the afternoon and was easy to work with. We’re happy with the work that was done and would definitely hire again the next time something comes up. The reason we had a hole in our wall in the first place and needed new insulation was because we had a pipe freeze and a plumber had to open the wall to thaw it. Given the cold weather in Chicago it was especially helpful to have this fixed up and the wall closed soon. Hopefully the insulation and vent will prevent our problem from recurring.

Fantastic. Demond arrived on time, was efficient and knowledgeable about everything that had to be done. The company allowed 3 hours for him to complete the work; he finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes and I was charged just for the time he worked.

After a walk-through explaining what needed to be done, the work was quoted quickly and straightforwardly by project manager, Matt, and scheduled in a little over two weeks. It was indicated the work would take 4 days to complete. The painters arrived promptly with Matt at 7 AM on the first day of work and they showed up each day around the same time after that. They repaired all the minor damage to all areas of the walls and doors and painted cleanly around all the fixtures. All materials and equipment were provided. The work was completed early on the fourth day and looks fantastic. They left the unit cleaner than when they arrived. I have some other work (painting and otherwise) that I might want to do soon, and I will definitely go back to HandiCo for my future needs!

HandiCo did a great job for a very reasonable price. Scheduling went smoothly, and Demond arrived right on time. He was professional and personable, making me feel very confident that he would do the work well. I initially planned to just have the garbage disposal replaced, but he caught the corroded drain pipes and was very up front about the additional work. I had previously had a plumber out to bid on the work who was going to charge over $1,000 and was up selling me on a membership and additional work without giving a good sense of why I needed either. Demond did the work and got the materials (except the new disposal I already had) for just over $200 and rounded down on his time. I’d happily use HandiCo again, and will talk to my condo association about using them for other jobs in our buildings.

They were very professional and helpful – Matt helped me pick a color that would hide the previous color. They were available per Matt’s representation and arrived in the window he allowed himself. The first pass at the work wasn’t perfectly even, but before I could call him, he called me to ask how it looked. When I told him, he scheduled a follow up and remedied it 100%. The deck looks great and water is beading on the surface! I’m going to use them for a few more projects – doors and fencing – for the association; these guys are good and it’s hard to find reliable professionals who stand behind their work.

Pablo was excellent. He arrived on time despite there being a snowstorm outside and was very professional throughout the process. He explained what he was going to do and why. I was very impressed with his efficiency. Would definitely hire HandiCo, specifically Pablo for sure, in the future for projects around my house.

We bought a new place, brand new construction and there was some water damage in the master bathroom in the trim. They bought the trim, they took out the old stuff & put in the new stuff and it looked perfect.  You would never know that anything happened.  While they were there I also had them do some painting.  There was a wooden island in the kitchen with wood all the way around and one place where the garbage can was up against the wood and left a mark.  They knew a guy who was a really good painter.  It’s kind of a dark and light wood woven together, so it was fairly tricky.  But, they knew a guy &  he came and he did it and it looked great. Also, there were  places where in the walls there were holes from people bumping into them and I wanted them to fill that in and repaint it.  So, they filled them in and repainted, there were quite a few of those that I had them do.  They just did a great job.  They also, the way our place is set up, they had these long trim boards they had to get into the basement where the master bathroom is.  There was one window outside that they had to crawl under this thing to get to this window to put the things through.  It was definitely work and they were very careful.  They are very responsive and the only thing I would say, and this is not unusual from my experience, you have to schedule an appointment and it took a few months for them to be able to come out and do it.  They couldn’t do it right away.  But, when they did come out they did an awesome job.  They were very punctual, showed up when they said they would, took care of what they said they were going to take care of.  It was a 2-day job.  They told me what was going to happen the first day and what was going to happen the second day.  They had to take out the old stuff and prime it before they put in the new stuff.  Some of the stuff was going to have to dry.  They were very thorough though.  They were very professional.  Very nice to have guys who know what they’re doing and take pride in what they’re doing.  There are plenty of people who just want to get the job done.  These guys made sure that their work was absolutely fantastic.  I was really happy about it.

Everything was fixed within one day, the handyman was very friendly and professional. They could not help with fixing the scratches in my wood floor and suggested to hire a flooring company. The cost is 88$/hr, so I was disappointed when the worker had to return to my house because he forgot to take a window measurement. This costed me extra $ for labor. (~45 mins) . it has been almost two weeks and still waiting for information on the replacement window that was ordered, which is okay, but i wouldve liked to have been contacted via a quick email or call regarding the progress of the replacent window ETA. Also, If I can get the extra time/$ that was billed driving to and fromy house to get the measurement that he forgot, I would be very pleased, but I will have to ask about that. Overall great service but very pricey.

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